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L&R West Hollywood

302 S. Edinburgh Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Tel: 310-779-8384

L&R Sherman Oaks

13542 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Tel: 818-298-7272

The results from this hair treatment lasts up to 12 weeks, that is 3 full months! This is a long time, especially for a relaxing treatment that gives you straight and silky hair!

The solutions that are used in the Brazilian and Keratin treatment are very gentle on the hair and cause no damage. This is because the pH range is the same as normal hair itself

Many women have problems with their hair, whether it’s frizzy or curly or just plain unruly, the Brazilian blowout and Keratin can make it very easy to manage. It straightens and de-frizzes it 

 Long Lasting

Doesn’t Damage Hair

Manageable Hair

 Very Quick Process
From start to finish the entire process of getting a Brazilian or Keratin treatment  at L&R salon only takes 60- 90 minutes

All Hair Types Benefit
One of the greatest things about the Brazilian and Keratin treatment is that it helps improve the integrity of the hair . Straight, curly, oily, or  chemiclly treated hair can all reap the amazing benefits of  this  treatment

Brazilian and Keratin Treatment Benefits

“Brazilian Blowout and Keratin treatments have given new life to my hair. The salon is super modern and well equipped and has a special room with ventilation made just for treatments.”

Neda S.

“I waited a few months to post this in order to determine just how good the treatment was. That said, it’s 3 months and I give it 5 stars. The result? Very pleased and getting ready to book my next treatment.”

Lori S.


  People Love                 L&R Salon!
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